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Ep. 11 – What is the Allure of Disney World?

In Ep. 11 of 2 Sides of WDW, Kristen and Mike discuss the allure of Disney World. What brings people back year after year? What makes it different from everywhere else on Earth?   Find out next!

Unique!  Disney encompasses 40 square miles of resort goodness.  You are really are in their playground.  Nothing else is allowed.  It is all Mickey, all the time.  And that is just cool.  In those 40 miles, there are 4 theme parks, more than 30 resorts, a shopping district, golf courses, and so much more.  There is something for everybody.  Which leads to….

There is something for everybody!  It is a vacation the whole family can enjoy together.  Not only that, there is so much there that everyone gets their way.  Everybody gets to do something they enjoy.  That is hard to beat just about everywhere else.

Service!  Disney service is second to none despite the occasional problems that are highlighted.  They are highlighted because they are the exception to the rule.  You rarely find that anywhere else.

Attention to detail.  It really does make you feel like you are in a different place.  As a result, it brings people in droves.  It really is a vacation destination.  There are few places that put as much thought into every detail of the experience as Disney.

There is much more of course.  Listen to this week’s episode to get our full run down!

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