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Ep. 4 – The Best FREE things to do in Disney World

In Episode 4, Kristen and I yap about one of everyone’s favorite topics, FREE Stuff!  We give you our run down of the Best Free things to see and do in and around Walt Disney World.

Yee-haa Bob
There are great experiences all over Walt Disney World.  But paid or free, perhaps the best of all is not in a Theme Park.  It is the epic piano player Yee-haa Bob at Port Orleans Riverside Resort.  Bob’s show is great, family fun.  He plays and has a sing along with tunes everybody in your family will enjoy and remember forever.  His personality is electric and everyone gravitates too him, even if they are not sure why at first.  He is there from Wednesday-Saturday and does three shows a night starting at 8:30.  It is a show that cost you nothing, but is not to be missed.  Good luck singing Sara…..Now don’t mess it up!

Club Cool
Club Cool is located in EPCOT and is the only place on property you get free drinks that are not water.  Sample flavors from all over the world.  Drink as many as you like.  It is all free.  And whatever you do, don’t forget to have some Beverly!

Transportation in Disney are rides by themselves.  Monorails, boats, ferries, and perhaps even a bus can be an experience that is fun simply by taking a ride.  Don’t overlook these experiences regardless of where you are staying.

So technically you have to buy theme park admission to see the fireworks, but the shows are included in your ticket.  Every park except animal kingdom has a nighttime show, and they are all amazing experiences.  Any 4th of July show you have seen looks like a backyard with Roman Candles by comparison.  Don’t miss these.  The memories will stay with you forever.

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