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Ep. 6 – Romance at Disney World

In Episode 6 of 2 Sides of WDW, Kristen and I yap about romance in Disney World.  Is romance possible in the largest playground for kids in the world?  Our answer is yes!

There are a ton of ways that couples can find romance in disney world.  Thousands and thousands of honeymooners can’t be wrong.  The opportunities are limited only to your imagination.

Fireworks are one of the very best places for romance in Disney.  Grab your honey and hold him/her close.  The rest of the world disappears as Disney tells you a story punctuated with music and visuals to go along with the magnificent fireworks show.  Wishes and Illuminations are perfect for this.

The resorts give you more chances for romance.  Couples spas, drinks at the pool while looking at the castle, watching the fireworks at Sunset point at the Polynesian, or just walking the grounds hand in hand.  They all work.  Add to that carriage rides, horseback riding, renting boats and taking night cruises all give you unforgettable romantic experiences.

Dinners are a traditional place for romance.  The Wave, California Grill, Victoria and Alberts, and more all give you great romantic settings.  Take advantage of those, especially places where you can sit without being almost on top of your neighbors (no Le Cellier).

Check out the wedding pavilion near the Grand Floridian, take a tour of the world and find the hidden nooks in World Showcase.  Romance at Disney is what you make it.

For more information, listen to this week’s episode.

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