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Ep. 7 – Pre-shows at Disney World

In Episode 7 of 2 Sides of WDW, Kristen and I yap about pre shows at Disney World.  They are a fact of life. Are they just another line or do they add value to an attraction?  Listen to this week’s episode to get all the details.

You can find pre-shows all over the four theme parks in some of the biggest attractions.  Test Track, Soarin, Tower of Terror, Rock ‘N Roller Coaster, and many more have them.  They are a good way to help with crowd control while still entertaining the guests as they wait for the main part of the ride or attraction.

The problem is, if they serve no purpose or it is extremely dull, they tend to annoy guests rather than enhance the experience.  We both agree that the Tower of Terror pre-show is the best.  What is the worst?  Well, we don’t agree there.  For me it’s Catastrophe Canyon.  For Kristen, it’s Captain EO.  No doubt though that both are heinous.

For more, listen to this week’s episode.

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