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Ep. 9 – Extra Magic Hours at Disney! Good, Bad, or Ugly?

In Episode 9 of 2 Sides of WDW, Kristen and I talk about Extra Magic Hours!  What are they?  Are they good, bad, or ugly?

To begin, extra magic hours let you get into a park either one hour early or up to three hours after closing if you are a Disney Resort guest (plus Swan/Dolphin and Hilton).  The parks rotate which is open early/late and the schedule changes, so check the official Disney website for up to date information.

With thirty resorts and more than 26,000 rooms on property, the ability to get away from the crowds with EMH is very limited.  The early hours are better than the late to beat the crowds, but the parks are neat at night.

If you want to use these hours, get a park hopper so you can take advantage of both parks with EMH.  It also helps to get away from the extra people after the park opens to the general public.  The Early Open park is always the most crowded park of the day.  See what you want to early and move on to another park.

Keep in mind that all rides are not open for morning or night hours, though night hours has more open attractions and dining.

Overall, it is still a good perk, but only if you plan it carefully.

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