About Us

Mike and Kristen are a husband and wife duo that are fanatical about all things Walt Disney World.  Mike has been making his Honeymoon 146pilgrimages to the World since the early 90’s when he traveled with his parents and siblings.  Those yearly trips turned into a lifelong obsession with the most magical theme parks on Earth.  Kristen came to the game much later.  After a less than stellar trip with her family, she had no interest in Disney until Mike convinced her to take a trip to the World after they began dating.  To make a long story short, she has been a Disney nut ever since, and the pair makes their way to the parks as much as possible.

After spending their honeymoon at the theme parks and on a Disney cruise, it was clear that their fervor would not be just a temporary thing.  After all, they have a Disney-themed room in their house and even named their dog Mickey.   But even with the affection they have for all things Mouse, they don’t always agree with everything Disney does and are are here to give you the other side of the argument.  To top that often times they don’t even agree on the best (and not so best) that Disney has to offer.   You can find their insights and opinions on the weekly podcast as well as throughout the website.   So check it all out....”There’s No Turning Back Now!”